Martial arts opened this world for me. Through studying the work of master calligraphers I've found a voice in bokuseki, an expressive style of energy and composition. Negative space and the final red seal (a chop) finalizes the composition.

Statement for the Hoffman Gallery Exhibit:

Studying martial arts introduced me to Shodo and Zen traditional works. I've been deeply impacted by studying the use of empty space in the works of Zen Reishis. Additionally, the placement of an artist's chops (the red seals) are the final balancer of a composition.

Like most 2D arts the first works of a student of Shodo (the art of the brush) are precise, structured, predictable as identifiable kanji or phrases, as with realism in western painting; the orange in a bowl is predictably recognizable. There is no strain or inquiry required to extract any particular meaning. Similarly a shodo practioner may evolve to energetic free forms such as grass style (flowing kanji) and bokuseki (expressionistic). At this juncture shodo works are more an expression of energy than form, more about being than direct commentary. Diving into the deep end is the point after all, as essence is primal and personal. . .who you take with you is increasingly inconsequential and mysterious.

"Jack Escapes for a Lark" / 30"w x 14"h /Sold

 Handmade cards, my Haiku prints, bokuseki available directly via paypal or venmo.


SLIDESHOW#1   sacred space of the dojo 18x24" // zenFish20x24"// haiku12 print square // 2 fish & a guppie (sold) //sparrow, leaf & enso card // 2022 valentine collection // dragon 5x10" (sold) //cloudFlower closeup // cloudFlower framed w/ghost leaves 4x10"// Edo (Drape on cloth) 5' x 15' // a retail item: Toochi Cards : repurposed artsy envelope, 1 piece of fine paper, 1 hand stamped tag //  my original haiku cards // collage : "DOLL" // 2023 card set: dictionary and shodo cards// "Ryusui.." small shodo (early work) // "Ice Cream" and "Butterfly" (sold, shown in situ )   // Original Haiku and Shodo (sold) //  6' x 3' mural (Flg, AZ) // "The Pine Takes Flight" (sold, shown in situ)

SLIDESHOW#2 // canoe 8x10" (sold) //JoyfulEvent 18x24" //Sparrow-Leaf-Enso card // ThePineTakesFlight 12x26" (sold) // Crimson & Enso 20x20" on canvas // Jack Escapes For A Lark 18x30" (sold) // Seal Pup 19x19" // Installation of "Have a Cup of Tea + Enso" // Miracle 8x10" //


The Dells 12"x 36"  ink/watercolor/ arches

The Pine Takes Flight 14x26" ink/wc/arches / sold

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