Martial arts opened this world for me. Through studying the work of master calligraphers I've found a voice in bokuseki, an expressive style of energy and composition. Negative space and the final red seal (a chop) finalizes the composition.

 Handmade cards, my Haiku prints, bokuseki available directly via paypal
or at PacificArtistsCoopGallery in Oregon.


SLIDESHOW#1 // bowl of fruit 8x10"//sacred space of the dojo 18x24' // zenFish20x24"// haiku12 print square // 2fish&a guppie sold//sparrow, leaf&enso card // 2022valentine collection // dragon 5x10" sold//cloudFlower closeup // cloudFlower framed w ghost leaves 4x10"//

SLIDESHOW#2 // canoe 8x10" sold//JoyfulEvent 18x24" //sparrowLeafEnso postcard/card//ThePineTakesFlight 12x26"//Crimson&Enso 20x20" on canvas//


The Dells 12"x 36"  ink/watercolor/ arches

The Pine Takes Flight 14x26" ink/wc/arches

c2000ALXSw all rights reserved 
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